►  Das 43. Open-Air Weigendorf am 21. & 22.07.2023 - sei dabei!


► 21. & 22.07.2023 ◄

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It all started in 2002 when Pascale was only 10 years old. The other kids would still try and fail at singing along with Las Ketchup’s “Ketchup Song”, while Pascale already developed a taste for electronic music. DJ Tomcraft’s banging “Loneliness” EP was the record that set fire to Pascale’s passion for electronic
music – a passion that would soon become love.
Despite of his dedication to House and Techno Pascale swam through a sea of genres like Rock, Punk and Hip Hop before settling for electronic music once and for all in 2007. There has been no turning back since. House and Techno became his best friends, always by his side, always on his mind. His library grew with every day that passed and his desire to be the person that would stand
behind the DJ decks grew even faster.