►  Das 43. Open-Air Weigendorf am 21. & 22.07.2023 - sei dabei!


► 21. & 22.07.2023 ◄

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Growing up with a musical background and developing a fascination for electronic music in her early youth, she finally started her career as a DJ in 2014. Her first appearance in front of a crowd instantly made her an inherent part of a big event series in Munich called Wannda Circus. Gigs in renowned clubs and as a support act for major artists followed. Known for her love for deep bass lines and dark and spherical synthesizers she became a resident DJ at the famous Harry Klein club in Munich in 2016. Since this year she also doesn’t only play along HotSince82, Flashmob, Stephan Bodzin, just to name a few, but starts to frequently performs as the main act. Her passion for techno, unconditional
connection to the crowd and first productions caught the attenti
on of record labels which will make her
be signed with Flashmob records in 2017.